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Having your house burgled is a highly emotional and traumatic experience. Often it is not just the loss of personal and sentimental belongings but the idea that someone has invaded your privacy. For most people, having to then deal with an insurance claim at such a stressful time, can cause even more anxiety.

Problems with burglary claims can start with the very first call to your insurance company. It is essential that Power and Company are instructed before you notify your insurers. We will visit you in your home or business and undertake a complete policy review to determine the limitations, endorsements and warranties which may apply. Once this review has taken place we will, with your assistance, compile a detailed list of the stolen items with replacement values.

At such a stressful time Power and Company will try and alleviate the anxiety of having to deal with an unsympathetic insurance company. Some claimants tell us that they feel "like criminals" when being interviewed by their insurance company's representative. During the entire process we will be at your side to provide advice and support at this most demanding time. We will negotiate a final settlement on your behalf. We will ensure that you receive the maximum settlement possible.
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