Here are some of the most asked questions when it comes to using the services of a Loss Assessor

What is an Insurance Loss Assessor?

An insurance loss assessor is a professional who is engaged in the preparation and negotiation of insurance claims on behalf of commercial and private policyholders.

Who choses and hires the Insurance Loss Assessor?

You (the policyholder) do. You hire an Insurance Loss Assessor if you need someone to represent your best interests and to successfully settle an insurance claim.

What's the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor?

A loss adjuster is instructed by your insurance company to act on their behalf and in their financial interest, whereas a loss assessor is instructed by you (the policyholder) to act on your behalf to achieve the maximum possible settlement.

Why should I hire Power & Company Insurance Loss Assessors to negotiate and settle my claim?

We are long term specialists in the field, and experts in dealing with insurance claims. You would not go to court without a solicitor, why deal with an insurance claim without an assessor?

Can Power & Company Insurance Loss Assessors reach a better settlement than if I negotiate the claim myself?

Absolutely. Power & Company have been dealing with insurance claims for over 30 years. We promise to do use our best endeavours to negotiate and reach a settlement to your complete satisfaction.

Why should I choose an Insurance Loss Assessor rather than my Insurance broker?

Some insurance brokers have their own claims departments, but they will not dedicate the same time and effort as an Insurance Loss Assessor. They will have the same expertise or allegiance to you the policyholder.

At what stage of my insurance claim should I instruct a Loss Assessor?

The ideal time to instruct a Loss Assessor is immediately, when the incident occurs. This is when the insurer will instruct their loss adjuster to act on their behalf and when the assessor can take full control of the claim for you.

Do I need an Insurance loss assessor for a small claim?

It is sensible to hire an Insurance Loss Assessor for any claim, generally anything over £3,000.

How much is an Insurance Loss Assessor going to cost me?

The fee chargeable is a small percentage of the final (winning) settlement figure for our services. It’s also good to know that Power & Company work on a ‘No win – No fee’ basis.

If I instruct an Insurance Loss Assessor, will I encounter any additional charges or hidden costs?


How long does it take to settle an insurance loss claim?

This can vary depending on the nature, size and complexity of the claim.

Can Power & Company recommend or supply an architect or surveyor if required?

Yes, if required and their associated fees are generally paid for by the policy.

Does Power & Company Insurance Loss Assessors operate Nationwide?


Can Power & Company Insurance Loss Assessors help me if I am not insured?

Yes, on some occasions a third party may be negligent or responsible for an incident and a recovery made against them or their insurers.
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