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A burst pipe, underground water leak or foul water contamination can cause significant damage to a home or business. The effects may result in you having to vacate your home or relocate your business. Immediately after the incident your property will need to be dried and your contents or stock cleaned and removed to storage. The drying process can take a number of weeks and in some cases many months but it is essential that your property is completely dry before any reinstatement work can begin. To facilitate drying your property it will need to be stripped of all wet/contaminated wall plaster, flooring, fixtures & fittings. Drying equipment will then be brought in to accelerate the process. Once drying has been completed by specialists, a drying certificate will be issued. We will identify the damage caused by the water so that we can prepare a detailed schedule of contents/stock/fixtures & fittings loss. If required we will arrange for our surveyor to prepare a specification of work for your building claim and obtain contractors estimates to reinstate your property.

Power & Company will manage the entire process on your behalf and make sure that you receive compensation for every aspect of your claim. This will include alternative accommodation/relocation, reinstatement of your building and replacement of all contents, stock, fixtures & fittings.

We will alleviate the stress and strain of dealing with your insurance company allowing you to continue with every day life.
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