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If you are experiencing problems with a claim, not getting the results you want from an insurance company, or have decided to negotiate your own claim and are struggling to achieve a satisfactory settlement, we can help. Power and Company have an excellent record in taking over unresolved or ongoing claims – even claims that have been refused – and achieving a successful outcome. So don't continue with a claim that has become a problem, simply contact us and we'll help.

The following is an actual client case study from our portfolio to illustrate how we helped achieve a successful outcome for a client when an insurance company refused to pay out:

Mrs B made a claim to her insurance company under the accidental damage section of her home contents policy. Her insurers adjusted her claim and paid her less than half of the amount she claimed. At renewal they then withdrew the accidental damage cover. Not satisfied by the way in which her claim had been settled, she chose not to renew and took out a policy elsewhere. Two months later, she suffered a major fire at her home and submitted a claim to her new insurer. They refused her claim.

Mrs B then contacted Power & Company. We established that her new insurers had refused her claim because when she had applied to take out the policy with them she was asked if she 'had been refused or declined insurance or had any special terms imposed by an insurer". She had responded 'no" to this question. After making enquiries, her current insurer had discovered that her previous insurer had applied restrictive terms to the renewal invitation ie. accidental damage cover had been withdrawn and had wrongly assumed that because of this she had not renewed with them.

Following our involvement, the insurance company paid her claim.
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